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Meaning of Deduction

An item subtracted from gross income to arrive at adjusted gross income or taxable income . See B. C. Cook & Son- s.Inc. v C.I.R., (C.A.5)584 F.2d53.

Meaning of Deduction in the United States Tax System

Personal or business expenses incurred that reduce the income subject to tax.(Definition provided by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue).

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Synonyms of Deduction

(Conclusion), noun

  • assumption
  • calculation
  • divination
  • hypothesis
  • illation
  • implication
  • logical process
  • logical sequence
  • opinion
  • postulate
  • postulation
  • ratiocination
  • rationalization
  • reasoned judgment
  • supposal
  • supposition
  • surmise
  • theory
  • thesis

(Diminution), noun

  • abatement
  • abridgment
  • attenuation
  • cut
  • decline
  • decrease
  • decrement
  • decrescence
  • deductio
  • deminutio
  • discount
  • dwindling
  • elimination
  • lessening
  • lowering
  • making less
  • minimization
  • reduction
  • removal
  • shortening
  • shrinkage
  • subduction
  • subtraction
  • withdrawal Associated Concepts: allowable deduction
  • business deductions
  • deduction directed by law
  • deduction from purchase price
  • deduction of cost
  • deduction of expense
  • deductions from account
  • deductions from salary
  • income tax deductions
  • marital deduction
  • special deduction

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