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Meaning of Citizen

Refers to a member of a jural society having the right to exercise all political and civil privileges accorded to members of that society by its government and who owes a corresponding allegiance to that government. A member of a political community who in associated capacity has established or submitted self to the dominion of government for the promotion of general welfare and protection of individuals, as well as collective rights . Herriott v City of Seattle, 500 P.2d 101,81 Wash.2d 48. Persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to its jurisdiction are citizens both of the United States and the state in which they reside . Fourteenth amendment of constitution . under The immigration and nationality Act, 8 U.S.C. §1402, §1403, §1405, §1406, and § 1407 persons born in Puerto Rico, the canal Zone or republic of Panama, the Virgin Islands, A laska and Hawaii respecÂtively are also citizens. A corporation is not a citizen as that word is used in the Constitution. Honolulu Lumber Co. v American Factors Ltd., (D.C. Hawaii) 256 F. Supp. 578.

Citizen Alternative Definition

A citizen, in the popular and appropriate sense of the term, is one who by birth, naturalization or otherwise Is a member of an independent political society called a state, kingdom or empire, and as such is subject to its laws and entitled to its protection in all his rights incident to that relation. 177 111. 258; 113 III. 64. In English Law. An inhabitant of a city. 1 Eolle, Abr. 138. The representative of a city, in parliament. 1 Bl. Comm. 174. In American Law. One who, under the constitution and laws of the United States, has a right to vote for public oificers, and who is qualified to fill offices in the gift of the people. One of the sovereign people; a constituent member of the sovereignty, synonymous with the people. 19 How. (U; S.) 404. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.” Const. U.S. Amend. XIV.

Synonyms of Citizen


  • civis
  • denizen
  • dweller
  • habitant
  • indigen
  • indigene
  • indweller
  • inhabitant
  • inhabiter
  • inmate
  • native
  • occupant
  • occupier
  • residencer
  • resident
  • resider
  • Associated Concepts: adopted citizens
  • citizen of a state
  • citizen of the United States of America
  • citizens of different states
  • diversity of citizenship
  • domicile of a citizen
  • foreign citizen
  • nativeborn citizen
  • naturalborn citizen
  • naturalized citizen
  • nonresident citizen
  • privilege and immunities of citizens
  • renunciation of citizenshipforeign phrases: Semel civis semper civis
  • Once a citizen always a citizen

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Citizen in the Dictionary of Law consisting of Judicial Definitions and Explanations of Words, Phrases and Maxims

In the Roman government, seems to have designated a person who had the freedom of the city, and the right to exercise all political and civil privileges of the government. One who owes to government allegiance, service, and money by way of taxation, and to whom the government, in turn, grants and guarantees liberty of person and of conscience, the right of acquiring and possessing property, of marriage and the social relations, of suit and of defense, and security in person, estate, and reputation.Amy v. Smith, 1 Litt. *312 (Ky. 1822). Citizenship implies residence with intention of remaining permanently at the particular place. Union Hotel Co. v. Hersee, 79 N.Y. 461 (1880). See Inhabitant; Resident.

Note: This legal definition of Citizen in the Dictionary of Law (English and American Jurisprudence) is from 1893.

Citizen’s arrest in Law Enforcement

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Further Reading

Citizen in Voting Law

Definition of Citizen in the context of the United States election law: A national of a country, either by birth or by a process of naturalisation who as a result enjoys certain rights and responsibilities, including civil and political rights.

Citizen in Voting Law

Definition of Citizen in the context of the United States election law: A national of a country, either by birth or by a process of naturalisation who as a result enjoys certain rights and responsibilities, including civil and political rights.

Definition of Citizen’s responsibilities and conduct

In relation to social issues, a meaning of citizen’s responsibilities and conduct is provided here: actions expected of citizens in their daily conduct such as upholding the values and principles of the Constitution, obeying the law, voting and participating in the civic life of the community.



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