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Meaning of Cartel

A written challenge openly displayed. A grouping of producers of raw materials or goods ; also an agreement between members of such group.

Cartel Alternative Definition

An agreement between two belligerent powers for the delivery of prisoners or deserters, and also a written challenge to a duel. Cartel ship is a ship commissioned in time of war to exchange prisoners, or to carry any proposals between hostile powers. She must carry no cargo, ammunition, or implements of War, except a single gun for signals.

International Trade Meaning and Definition of Cartel

An agreement among, or an organization of, suppliers of a product.

Synonyms of Cartel


  • accord
  • accordance
  • affiliation
  • agreement
  • alliance
  • amalgamation
  • association
  • bloc
  • body corporate
  • coadjuvancy
  • coalition
  • colleagueship
  • combination
  • combine
  • common consent
  • community of interest
  • compact
  • concert
  • concord
  • concordance
  • concordat
  • concurrence
  • confederation
  • conjunction
  • consenus
  • consociation
  • consonancy
  • consort
  • consortium
  • contract
  • cooperation
  • covenant
  • federation
  • fusion
  • group
  • joint concern
  • league
  • merger
  • mutual understanding
  • organization
  • pact
  • sodality
  • syndicate
  • trust
  • union
  • unity
  • Associated Concepts: business cartel
  • international cartel

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Definition of Cartel

In the context of international law, the legal resource A Dictionary of Law, provides a definition of Cartel :

1. An agreement between belligerent states for certain types of nonhostile transactions, especially the treatment and exchange of prisoners.

2. A national or international association of independent enterprises formed to create a *monopoly in a given industry.

Cartel in the Economic Activity

An introductory concept of Cartel may be: a group of producers with an agreement to collude in setting prices and output

Definition of Cartel

In relation to social issues, a meaning of cartel is provided here: explicit forms of collusion concerned with product price, output, service, or sales.

Cartel in Global Commerce Policy

In this regard, cartel is: a formal or informal agreement between firms to manage domestic or international markets by lessening competition between the firms. Methods include agreement not to compete on price, limitations on the total output by the members to the agreement, market-sharing arrangements, etc. To what extent such activities are legal depends on a country’s competition policy. Cartel arrangements work best when few firms dominate an activity. The entries on trade policy are here. Agreements are divided into public and private cartels. The entries on trade policy are here. A public cartel is one where the government forms and administers the rules for its own reasons. This may include acceptance of export cartels aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of domestic firms. The entries on trade policy are here. An example of this is the United States Webb-Pomerene Act. Pure export cartels, directed exclusively at foreign markets, enjoy considerable freedom from the application of competition laws. Mixed export cartels affect domestic and export markets. The entries on trade policy are here. Import cartels are much rarer. The entries on trade policy are here. In many cases competition authorities do not approve their formation or operation. Public cartels might also be permitted to promote structural adjustment. Private cartels, or arrangements between firms, are usually kept secret, particularly if they are against the law or if they would lead to higher prices for consumers. See also antitrust laws, rule of reason and trade and competition policy.[1]

Cartelin the wold Encyclopedia

For an introductory overview on international trade policy, see this entry.


Notes and References

  1. Dictionary of Trade Policy, “Cartel” entry (OAS)

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Business And Competition > Competition > Restrictive trade practice > Horizontal agreement > Cartel
Business And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > Dumping > Cartel
Business And Competition > Competition > Restriction on competition > Monopoly > Cartel

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