Bankruptcy Proceedings

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Definition of Bankruptcy Proceedings

While bankruptcy may be defined by “The state of being actually or legally bankrupt” or “The act or process of becoming a bankrupt”, Bankruptcy Proceedings includes all proceedings in a federal court having jurisdiction in bankruptcy, procedure by which a debtor, starting bankruptcy proceedings —may be an individual, corporation, or municipality— is relieved of total liability for its debts.

Upon the successful completion of bankruptcy proceedings, the debtor is relieved of the debt obligations incurred prior to filing for bankruptcy. Some bankruptcy proceedings allow a debtor to stay in business in the meantime.

Under Chapter 11 and 13 proceedings several possibilities of refinancing are considered.

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Translations of Bankruptcy

Dansk (Danish)
n. – insolvens, fallit

Nederlands (Dutch)

Français (French)
n. – banqueroute, faillite, (Jur) faillite, (fig) ruine, (fig) manque

Deutsch (German)
n. – Bankrott, Konkurs, Pleite

???????? (Greek)
n. – ????????, ?????????

Italiano (Italian)

Português (Portuguese)
n. – falência (f)

??????? (Russian)

Español (Spanish)
n. – bancarrota, quiebra

Svenska (Swedish)
n. – konkurs

??????(Chinese (Simplified))
??, ??, ????, ????

??????(Chinese (Traditional))
n. – ??, ??, ????, ????

??? (Korean)
n. – ??, ??, ??

??? (Japanese)
n. – ??, ??, ??, ??

??????? (Arabic)
?(?????) ?????,?

????? (Hebrew)
n. – ??????-????







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