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Social Labelling

Social labelling in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: the practice of attaching a label or a mark to a product to indicate that it has been made under conditions of fair labour standards. There are no international rules on this, and many fear [...]

Categories: S. Tags: Business And Competition, Business organisation, Business policy, Commerce Policy, Consumer, Consumer protection, Consumption, European social policy, Marketing, SO, Social affairs, Social legislation, Social Policy, Social Questions, Trade, and Trade Policy.

Structural Policy

Concept of Structural policy An introductory definition of structural policy in relation to the European Union law and policies is available here: Eurospeak for policies aimed at reducing economic disparities between prosperous and poor regions (see more in the European legal encyclopedia). [...]

Categories: Administrative Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, Roman Law, and S. Tags: Coordination of EMU policies, Economic and Monetary Union, Economic policy, Economic support, Economics, EU finance, EU financial instrument, EU financing, EU regional policy, European Union, Finance, Financing and investment, Formato Extenso, Fund (EU), Integrated development programme, Investment, Long Read, Monetary economics, Regional policy, Regions and regional policy, and ST.

Durable Goods

What is Durable Goods? A definition of durable goods is: Goods which have a reasonably long life and which are not generally consumed in use; e.g. refrigerator.[1] Resources Notes "Durable Goods" in the White America Dictionary (New York, Los Angeles, London, New Delhy, Hong Kong, 1989) [...]

Categories: Civil Law, Criminal Law, D, International Law, N, and Roman Law. Tags: Consumption, DU, Goods, Goods and services, and Trade.