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Common Market For Eastern And Southern Africa

Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, common market for eastern and southern africa is: COMESA. The treaty establishing COMESA was signed at Kampala on 5 November 1993. The entries on trade policy are here. It is the successor to the [...]

Categories: C. Tags: African organisation, CO, Commerce Policy, Economic structure, Economic system, Economics, Extra-European organisations, Governance, International Organisations, and Trade Policy.

Own Resources

Own resources and the European Union Resources See Also Budget

Categories: Administrative Law, Civil Law, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, O, and Roman Law. Tags: Accounting, Budget policy, Business And Competition, Common tariff policy, EU finance, European Union, Finance, Financing of the EU budget, Operating result, OW, Public finance and budget policy, Tariff Policy, Tax on consumption, Taxation, and Trade.


TRIMS in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: Trade-Related Investment Measures. These include export targets, import limitations, local-purchase requirements or local-content requirements, research and development requirements and similar conditions [...]

Categories: T. Tags: Commerce Policy, Finance, Financing and investment, GATT, International Organisations, International Trade, Tariff negotiations, Tariff Policy, TR, Trade, Trade agreement, Trade Policy, Trade relations, World organisation, and World organisations.

Chemical Weapon

Concept of Chemical Weapon In relation to securing dangerous material (in case of crisis or terrorism) a meaning of chemical weapon may be outlined, in general regarding European law, as follows: A weapon specifically designed to cause death or other harm through the toxic properties of [...]

Categories: C. Tags: CH, Dangerous Materials, Defence, Degradation of the environment, Deterioration of the environment, Environment, International Relations, Military equipment, and Weapon of mass destruction.