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Agricultural Region

Hierarchical Display of Agricultural region Economics > Regions and regional policy > Economic region > Rural regionAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural policy > Agricultural policy > Regional farm policy > Less-favoured agricultural areaAgriculture, Forestry And [...]

Categories: A. Tags: AG, Agricultural policy, Agriculture, Cultivation of agricultural land, Economic region, Economics, Forestry And Fisheries, Regional farm policy, Regions and regional policy, and Rural region.

Office Automation

Hierarchical Display of Office automation Education And Communications > Information technology and data processing > Computer systems > Computer applicationsEducation And Communications > Information and information processing > Information processingEducation And Communications > [...]

Categories: O. Tags: Communications, Communications systems, Computer applications, Computer systems, Education And Communications, Electronics and electrical engineering, Electronics industry, Industry, Information and information processing, Information technology and data processing, Information technology industry, OF, and Telecommunications.