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Agricultural Real Estate

Hierarchical Display of Agricultural real estate Agriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Farming systemsAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Farming systems > Agricultural holding > Area of holdingAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural structures and production > Policy on [...]

Categories: A. Tags: AG, Agricultural holding, Agricultural policy, Agricultural structures and production, Agriculture, Construction and town planning, Farming systems, Forestry, Forestry And Fisheries, Forestry policy, Law, Policy on agricultural structures, Social Questions, and Town planning.

Scientific Progress

Hierarchical Display of Scientific progress Production, Technology And Research > Research and intellectual property > Research policyProduction, Technology And Research > Technology and technical regulations > Technology > Technology assessment > Prospective technological [...]

Categories: S. Tags: Production, Research and intellectual property, Research policy, SC, Technology, Technology And Research, Technology and technical regulations, and Technology assessment.

Lublin Province

Hierarchical Display of Lublin province Geography > Regions of EU Member States > Regions of Poland Meaning of Lublin province Overview and more information about Lublin province For a more comprehensive understanding of Lublin province, see in the general part of the online platform.[rtbs [...]

Categories: L. Tags: Geography, LU, Regions of EU Member States, and Regions of Poland.