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Disc Drive

Hierarchical Display of Disc drive Education And Communications > Information technology and data processing > Information technology industry > Computer equipment > PeripheralEducation And Communications > Communications > Audiovisual equipment > Recording medium > Magnetic [...]

Categories: D. Tags: Audiovisual equipment, Communications, Computer equipment, DI, Education And Communications, Information technology and data processing, Information technology industry, Peripheral, and Recording medium.

Overlapping of Income

Hierarchical Display of Overlapping of income Economics > National accounts > IncomeSocial Questions > Social protection > Social security > Social-security benefit > Pension scheme > Cumulative pension entitlementEmployment And Working Conditions > Employment > Employment structure > [...]

Categories: O. Tags: Economics, Employment, Employment And Working Conditions, Employment structure, Income, National accounts, OV, Pension scheme, Social Protection, Social Questions, Social Security, and Social-security benefit.

Economic Cycle

Hierarchical Display of Economic cycle Economics > Economic conditions Meaning of Economic cycle Overview and more information about Economic cycle For a more comprehensive understanding of Economic cycle, see in the general part of the online platform.[rtbs name="xxx-xxx"] Resources [...]

Categories: E. Tags: EC, Economic conditions, and Economics.

Nutritional Disease

Hierarchical Display of Nutritional disease Social Questions > Health > IllnessSocial Questions > Health > Nutrition Meaning of Nutritional disease Overview and more information about Nutritional disease For a more comprehensive understanding of Nutritional disease, see in the general part [...]

Categories: N. Tags: Health, Illness, NU, and Social Questions.

Executive Competence

Hierarchical Display of Executive competence Politics > Executive power and public service > Executive bodyPolitics > Political framework > Political power > Power of implementationPolitics > Parliamentary proceedings > Legislative procedure > Legislative initiative > Government [...]

Categories: E. Tags: EX, Executive body, Executive power and public service, Institutional activity, Legislative initiative, Legislative procedure, Parliamentary proceedings, Political framework, and Politics and public safety.