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County of Krapina-Zagorje

Hierarchical Display of County of Krapina-Zagorje Geography > Regions of EU Member States Meaning of County of Krapina-Zagorje Overview and more information about County of Krapina-Zagorje For a more comprehensive understanding of County of Krapina-Zagorje, see in the general part of the [...]

Categories: C. Tags: CO, Geography, and Regions of EU Member States.


Hierarchical Display of Bio-ethics Social Questions > Social affairs > Social lifeSocial Questions > Family > Artificial reproductionEmployment And Working Conditions > Labour law and labour relations > Organisation of professions > Professional ethicsScience > Humanities > Social [...]

Categories: B. Tags: BI, Biology, Biotechnology, Cloning, Employment And Working Conditions, Family, Freedom of self-determination, Genetic engineering, Genetics, Health, Health policy, Humanities, Labour law and labour relations, Law, Life sciences, Natural and applied sciences, Organisation of health care, Organisation of professions, Philosophy, Production, Rights and freedoms, Rights of the individual, Science, Social affairs, Social life, Social Questions, Social sciences, Technology And Research, and Technology and technical regulations.

Professional Qualifications

Hierarchical Display of Professional qualifications Employment And Working Conditions > Labour market > Labour forceEmployment And Working Conditions > Employment > Vocational trainingEmployment And Working Conditions > Personnel management and staff remuneration > Personnel [...]

Categories: P. Tags: Employment, Employment And Working Conditions, Labour force, Labour market, Personnel administration, Personnel management and staff remuneration, and PR.

Milk Product

Hierarchical Display of Milk product Agri-Foodstuffs > Processed agricultural produceAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Farming systems > Agricultural holding > Dairy farmAgriculture, Forestry And Fisheries > Agricultural activity > Animal production > Dairy [...]

Categories: M. Tags: Agri-Foodstuffs, Agricultural activity, Agricultural holding, Agriculture, Animal production, Cattle, Cow, Farming systems, Food industry, Forestry And Fisheries, Livestock, Means of agricultural production, MI, and Processed agricultural produce.