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Dual Use Technology

Dual Use Technology in the National Security Context A definition and brief description of Dual Use Technology in relation to national security is as follows:Tools or techniques, developed originally for military or related purposes, which are commercially viable enough to support adaptation [...]

Categories: D. Tags: DU, International Organisations, International Relations, International security, National Security, Production, Research, Research and intellectual property, Technology, Technology And Research, Technology and technical regulations, World organisation, and World organisations.


ASEAN in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, asean is: Association of South-East Asian Nations. The entries on trade policy are here. Established in 1967 to promote economic progress and political stability in the region. The entries on trade policy are here. It consists of Brunei, Burma, [...]

Categories: A. Tags: AS, Asian organisation, Commerce Policy, Economic geography, Extra-European organisations, Geography, International Organisations, and Trade Policy.

Merchandise Trade

Merchandise trade in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: the import and export of physical goods, i.e. raw materials, semi-manufactures and manufactures. See also trade in services.[1] Merchandise tradein the wold Encyclopedia For an introductory [...]

Categories: M. Tags: Commerce Policy, ME, and Trade Policy.