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Child Labour

Child labour in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, child labour is: Convention No 138 (Minimum Age Convention) of the International Labour Organization states that the minimum age of employment in acceding countries must not be less than fifteen years. This may be lowered to thirteen years [...]

Categories: C. Tags: Business And Competition, Business classification, CH, Commerce Policy, Composition of the population, Demography and population, Distribution by age, Employment, Employment And Working Conditions, Employment structure, Labour force, Labour market, Law, Rights and freedoms, Rights of the individual, Social affairs, Social Policy, Social Questions, Trade Policy, and Type of business.


SYSMIN in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: System for the Promotion of Mineral Production and Exports, or sometimes System for Safeguarding and Developing Mineral Production. The entries on trade policy are here. A commodity stabilization [...]

Categories: S. Tags: ACP-EU Convention, Agreement (EU), Association agreement (EU), Commerce Policy, EU relations, European construction, European Union, Lomé Convention, SY, and Trade Policy.

Information Warfare

Information Warfare in the National Security Context A definition and brief description of Information Warfare in relation to national security is as follows:A general term encompassing a variety of tools and techniques, including psychological warfare, jamming of broadcasts, computer hacking, [...]

Categories: I. Tags: Asymmetric warfare, Computer system, IN, International conflict, International Relations, International security, National Security, and War.