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Concept of Plutonium In relation to securing dangerous material (in case of crisis or terrorism) a meaning of plutonium may be outlined, in general regarding European law, as follows: The chemical element plutonium (Pu) is a radioactive element with the atomic number 94, produced when uranium [...]

Categories: P. Tags: Chemistry, Dangerous Materials, Electrical and nuclear industries, Energy, Industry, Iron, Metals, Nuclear energy, PL, Radioactive materials, and steel and other metal industries.

South-South Cooperation

South-South cooperation in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, south-south cooperation is: cooperation between developing countries. See also developing country, ECDC, GSTP, G-15 and Group of 77.[1] South-South cooperationin the wold Encyclopedia For an introductory overview on [...]

Categories: S. Tags: Commerce Policy, Cooperation policy, Economic conditions, Economic Development, Economics, International Relations, SO, and Trade Policy.

Guardian In Chivalry

What is Guardian in Chivalry? A definition of guardian in chivalry is: In the tenure by knight's service, in the feudal law, if the heir of the feud was under the age of twenty-one, being a male, or fourteen, being a female, the lord was entitled to the wardship (and marriage) of the heir, and [...]

Categories: Civil Law, Criminal Law, G, International Law, N, and Roman Law. Tags: GU and Guardian.

Community Interest Clause

Community interest clause in Global Commerce Policy In this regard, a definition of this issue is as follows: this clause is part of a regulation issued in 1979 by the European Community which makes the imposition of anti- dumping or countervailing duties dependent on the existence of a [...]

Categories: C. Tags: CO, Commerce Policy, and Trade Policy.