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(Lat. aecidere, ad, to, and cadere, to fall). An event which, under the circumstances, is unusual and unexpected by the person to whom it happens. The happening of an event without the concurrence of the will of the person by whose agency it was caused; or the happening of an event without any human agency. 32 Conn. 85. See “Inevitable Accident.” In Equity Practice. Such an unforeseen event, misfortune, loss, act, or omission as is not the result of any negligence or misconduct in the party. Story, Eq. Jur. § 78; 85 Conn. 198. An occurrence in relation to a contract which was not anticipated by the parties when the same was entered into, and which gives an undue advantage to one of them over the other in a court of law. Jeremy, Eq. 358. This definition is objected to, because, as accidents may arise in relation to other things besides contracts, it is inaccurate in confining accidents to contracts; besides, it does not exclude cases of unanticipated occurrences resulting from the negligence or misconduct of the party seeking relief. See, also, 1 Spence, Eq. Jur. 628. An unforeseen or unexpected event occurring external to the party affected by it, and of which his own agency is not the proximate cause, whereby, contrary to his own intention and wish, he loses some right which it would be a violation of good conscience for the person obtaining to retain. 2 Pom. Eq. Jur. § 823. It differs from “mistake” in that the latter is based on a voluntary action of the person affected under a mistaken Impression.

Synonyms of Accident

(Chance occurence), noun

  • adventitiousness
  • befalling
  • blind chance
  • casus
  • circumstance
  • fortuitous event
  • fortuity
  • happening
  • hazard
  • incident
  • inevitable occurrence
  • sudden happening
  • unanticipated event
  • undesigned occurrence
  • unexpected misfortune
  • unexpected occurrence
  • unforeseen occurrence
  • Associated Concepts: accidental cause
  • accidental loss
  • accidental means

(Misfortune), noun

  • adversity
  • affliction
  • calamity
  • casualty
  • contretemps
  • disaster
  • injurious occurrence
  • misadventure
  • miscarriage
  • mischance
  • mishap
  • unfortunate event Associated Concepts: accident arising out of the course of employment
  • accidental bodily injury
  • accidental fires
  • collision
  • disability caused by an accident
  • expectable loss
  • external
  • foreseeable loss
  • violent and accidental means

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What does Accident mean in American Law?

The definition of Accident in the law of the United States, as defined by the lexicographer Arthur Leff in his legal dictionary is:

1. A state of affairs or incident brought about by accidental means. Though the connotation is not necessary, perhaps because of the ubiquitous term “automobile accident,” there is frequently some implication of violence or injury also connected to the term. See accidental for a more thorough discussion. See also inevitable accident; unavoidable accident.

2. In Aristotelian terminology, a property of a thing or concept which it has but need not have, i.e., a property not necessary to make it what it is. See Encyclopedia of Philosophy under heading “Logical Terms, Glossary Of.” This meaning of the term is not particularly important in law (or, for that matter, in logic either these days). It does occasionally show up, however, in 19th century and earlier opinions by judges wrestling with questions about “essences,” including the legendary mutual mistake case involving the famous cow, “Rose 2d of Aberlone,” Sherwood v. Walker, 66 Mich. 568, 33 N.W. 919 (1887).


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