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  • Maritime Law

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Maritime Law Meaning of Maritime Law The system of law which particularly relates to commerce and navigation , to harbors, ships and seamen, to business transacted at sea or relating to navigation, to the […]

  • Carrier

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Carrier Meaning of Carrier A person holding himself out to transport goods and persons for hire. Carriers are of two kinds, common and private. A common carrier is one who invites all and sundry to […]

  • Business

    Legal Definition and Related Resources of Business Meaning of Business Anything which occupies the time and attention and labor of men for the purpose of profit . The manner in which individuals make or earn a living. See Iowa-Illinois Gas & […]

  • Navigable

    Watercourse or rivers or lakes which are used or are susceptible of being so used, in their ordinary condition , as highways for commerce , over which trade and travel are or may be conducted in customary modes of trade and travel on water . At common law , the term denotes waters […]