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Meaning of Lease

A lease, sometimes called a demise , is a conveyance or grant of the possession of land or buildings, for a determinate period of time reserving to the grantor a consideration called rent. See Wilson warehouse Co. of Texas v Maryland Cas. Co., (La. App.)269 So.2d562. The grantor is the lessor and the grantee is the lessee . The estate or interest thus leased should always be less than what the lessor has, otherwise it would be a conveyance or assignment . under common law the interest of the lessee after the grant, but before entry, was called interesse termini . See Interesse termini. A contract of lease must be for a definite period, having a certain beginning and a certain ending. Must also confer exclusive possession on the lessee. A license on the other hand is merely a permit or privilege to do what otherwise would be unlawful upon the lands and tenements of the owner . See American Coin-Meter Colorado Sp Inc., v Poole, 503 P.2d 626, 31 Colo. – 316. The term lease implies the idea of a reversion to the owner of the land after the termination of the term of the lease, also creates a privity of contract and a privity of estate between the lessor and the lessee If a lease at common law is void because it does not conform to some for requirement, nevertheless, if the tenant enters, takes possession and commence pay rent and if both parties by their conduct indicate the existence of a contract, then a relationship between themselves as landlord and tenant will be recognized by law. R land v Cook, 179 Wash. 624, 38 P.2d 224- Under uniform probate Code the word is defined in §1-201(22): Lease includes an oil, gas or other mineral lease.

Lease Alternative Definition

A contract by which a person owning or controlling lands or tenements permits another to occupy the same for a period less than that to which the right of the lessor extends. The person so permitting the occupation of premises is called the lessor; the person contracting for possession is called the lessee. Regarded with respect not to the making of the lease, but of the relation created thereby, the parties are known respectively as landlord and tenant.

Financial Definition of Lease

A long-term rental agreement, and a form of secured long-term debt.

International Trade Meaning and Definition of Lease

A contract in which one party conveys the use of an asset to another party for a specific period of time at a predetermined rate.

Synonyms of Lease


  • allow the use of
  • charter
  • contract for exclusive possession
  • contract for possession of land
  • contract for use and occupation
  • convey for a designated period
  • convey real property for a specified period
  • demise
  • engage
  • engage premises for a designated period
  • grant exclusive possession for a designated period
  • grant use and possession
  • lend on security
  • let
  • let premises for a designated period
  • locare
  • rent
  • rent out
  • sublet
  • subrent
  • Associated Concepts: assignment of a lease
  • cancellation of a lease
  • commencement of a lease
  • extension of a lease
  • forfeiture of a lease
  • joint lease
  • lease at will
  • lease for years
  • lease of premises
  • month to month tenacy
  • perpetual lease
  • renewable lease
  • sublease
  • lenacy
  • tenacy at sufferance
  • tenacy at will
  • term of a lease
  • termination of a lease
  • voidable lease


  • agreement
  • conductio
  • contract
  • contract for exclusive possession of lands
  • contract for possession and profits
  • conveyance in consideration of recompense
  • conveyance of interest in real property
  • conveyance of land for a designated period
  • grant
  • grant of realtygrant of use and possession
  • instrument
  • instrument granting possession of premises
  • legal agreement
  • permission to rent
  • tenantlandlord agreement
  • written agreement
  • Associated Concepts: assignment of lease
  • building lease
  • cancellation of a lease
  • concurrent lease
  • divisible lease
  • forfeiture of lease
  • implied lease
  • let premises
  • longterm lease
  • option to lease
  • parol lease
  • perpetual lease
  • renewal of lease
  • rent
  • sublease
  • term of lease
  • termination of lease
  • voidable lease

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An Agreement Outlining The Relationship Of Landlord And Tenant (lessor And Lessee).

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English Spanish Translation of Lease

Arrendamiento con opción de compra, arrendamiento a largo plazo.

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