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Meaning of Devise

Gift or disposition by will, particularly a testamentary disposition of land or realty . A devise may be either specific, such as a devise of a particular piece of land, or residuary as where a testator devises the residue of his land and realty to a beneficiary . Also used in distinction from a general devise which is a devise of all the lands of the testator without specifying any particular land. A devise may be contingent or vested. It is contingent when the vesting of any estate in the devisee is made to depend on some future event , in which case, if the event never occurs, or until it does occur, no estate vests under the devise. It is vested when the future event is referred to merely to determine the time at which the devisee shall come into the use of the estate, and this does not hinder the vesting of the estate at the death of the testator. An executory devise of land is a disposition of the same by will whereby no estate vests at the death of the testator, but only on some future contingency. An executory devise has to comply with the rule against perpetuities.

Devise Alternative Definition

A gift of real property by a person's last will and testament. The term “devise,” properly and technically, applies only to real estate. The object of the devise must, therefore, be that kind of property. 1 Hill, Abr. c. 36, notes 62-74. But it is also sometimes improperly applied to a bequest or legacy. See 2 Bouv. Inst, note 2095 et seq.; 4 Kent, Comm. 489; 8 Viner, Abr. 41; Comyn, Dig., “Estates by Devise.”

Synonyms of Devise

(Give), verb

  • allot
  • assign
  • bequeath
  • bestow
  • confer
  • convey
  • endow
  • give
  • give and becjueath
  • give away
  • give by will
  • grant
  • leave
  • leave by will
  • make a bequest
  • make testamentary dispositions
  • transfer
  • transmit
  • transmit by will
  • will ana bequeath
  • will to
  • Associated Concepts: absolute devise
  • alienation
  • bequest
  • conveyance
  • demonstrative devise
  • executory devise
  • general devise
  • legacy
  • testamentary dispositionforeign phrases: Nemo plus commodi haeredi suo relinguit quam ipse habuit
  • No one leaves a greater benefit to his heir than he had himself
  • Da tua dum tua sunt
  • post mortem tunc tua non sunt
  • Give that which is yours while it is yours; after death it is not yours
  • Quando aliquis aliquid concedit
  • concedere vide tur et id sine quo res unon potest
  • When anyone grants anything
  • he is deemed to grant also that without which the thing granted cannot be used

(Invent), verb

  • arrange
  • calculate
  • compose
  • conceive
  • construct
  • contrive
  • create
  • design
  • draw up
  • engineer
  • erect
  • evolve
  • excogitare
  • fabricate
  • fashion
  • find a way
  • form
  • formulate
  • frame
  • have an idea
  • imagine
  • improvise
  • invenire
  • lay down a plan
  • lay out
  • make a plan
  • make arrangements
  • make up
  • maneuver
  • manufacture
  • map out
  • piece together
  • plan
  • plan out
  • prearrange
  • predetermine
  • prepare
  • proceed by stratagem
  • put together
  • schematize
  • scheme
  • set up
  • shape
  • sketch out
  • take steps
  • work out

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